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3.9 million (GBP)

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Our Lucky Dip Random Number Generator will help you to pick your lotto numbers (you will need your browser to be Java enabled).

We have set the number generator for the UK Lotto, but you can also use it for any lottery simply by picking how many lottery balls you want from 1 to 10 (default is 6), then give it a number range (default is 59).

Press 'Generate'.
Your randomly generated numbers will appear below!
You may press 'Generate' as often as you wish.

Try it - it's just for fun.

Note: The numbers produced here are completely random and are in no way matched to any predictive system.

The easiest, fastest way to pick better lottery numbers, is to pick them totally at random. It doesnt guarantee NOT picking a 'bad' set of numbers, but there is a good chance you won't be sharing your lottery millions with a hundred other 'lucky' lotto winners.

So, if it is truly random, what are the odds of picking that winning combination?
In a typical Lotto game with six balls for example, you have to pick the correct six numbers from 59 possible balls in any order to hit the jackpot.
The odds of picking all six balls correctly are 45,057,474:1

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