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Sat, Apr 19, 2014
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4.3 million (GBP)

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UK ThunderBall With 8 prize categories, you have a 1 in 14 chance of winning a prize. You can even win a prize just by matching the Thunderball alone!
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The UK National Lottery has created over 2000 millionares and this year will pay out 1.7 billion (GBP) in hard cash.

Since the launch of the UK Lotto on 14 November 1994, it has been a huge success, with an average of
over 1 million people winning a prize each week.

The UK Lotto is drawn twice per week on Wednesday and Saturday and the games are broadcast on live tv
from the Lottery Head Quarters at the BBC.

The UK Lottery results are published on this site on our UK Lottery Results page.

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How To Play UK Lotto

How to play the UK Lotto

The UK Lotto is a 6 from 49 lottery and is drawn twice per week on Wednesday and Saturday.

To win the UK Lotto, you must match 6 numbers with those drawn from the 49 possible lottery balls.

Want to play from anywhere in the world? No problem, you can now play UK Lotto online. All you have to do is buy UK Lotto tickets from a trusted 'lottery agent' such as theLotter. They are easy to use, reliable and you will be notified of any winnings. The advantage is that you cant lose your ticket (a common occurance when playing traditionally).

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EURO MILLIONS is the BIG Tuesday and Friday night lottery game with huge prizes! It is played by hundreds of millions of players throughout Europe and world-wide. As with many other lotteries, if the Euro Millions jackpot isn't won, the prize fund is 'rolled over' and added to the pot for the next draw. This means that - after just a few weeks without a jackpot winner, the main prize becomes HUGE!

This makes Euro Millions one of the most popular lotteries in the world.

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UK Lottery Winners

All smiles: Lottery winners splashing out on getting perfect Hollywood grin

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