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The UK National Lottery has created over 2000 millionares and this year will pay out 1.7 billion (GBP) in hard cash.

Since the launch of the UK Lotto on 14 November 1994, it has been a huge success, with an average of
over 1 million people winning a prize each week.

The UK Lotto is drawn twice per week on Wednesday and Saturday and the games are broadcast on live tv
from the Lottery Head Quarters at the BBC.

The UK Lottery results are published on this site on our UK Lottery Results page.

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With over 1 million prize winners each week, we highly recommend playing this lotto.

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When you purchase your UK National Lottery ticket, you will be automatically entered into the UK Lotto Raffle where you could win 20,000 GBP - even if you dont win on the main lotto!

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Buy UK ThunderBall tickets

You can also buy UK ThunderBall tickets online without leaving the comfort of your own home. ThunderBall offers a jackpot prize of 500,000 GBP.

As with other lottos, you are issued with an electronic lottery ticket which has exactly the same chances of winning as a paper lottery ticket. The advantage is, of course, that your online ticket can't get lost!

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UK Lottery News

Teenage millionaire: The year I won the lottery

Her best friend Danielle thought it was 'a wind-up'. But it was all real. Jane was one of ...

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One lucky National Lottery player will get the chance to make it a Christmas to remember this year ...

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Play Euro millions

EURO MILLIONS is the BIG Tuesday and Friday night lottery game with huge prizes! It is played by hundreds of millions of players throughout Europe and world-wide. As with many other lotteries, if the Euro Millions jackpot isn't won, the prize fund is 'rolled over' and added to the pot for the next draw. This means that - after just a few weeks without a jackpot winner, the main prize becomes HUGE!

This makes Euro Millions one of the most popular lotteries in the world.

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UK Lottery Winners

Teenage millionaire: The year I won the lottery

Her best friend Danielle thought it was 'a wind-up'. But it was all real. Jane was one of the UK's youngest-ever lottery winners and her life was about to change. 'Plain Jane from Niddrie was on the news,' she says. The newspapers came calling and a ...

Gran's 25k surprise

A LUCKY lottery winner is celebrating Christmas coming early after being awarded 25,000 because her postcode was picked out of the hat.

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